Stripe/Belt Testing and Christmas Break

In December, we will be doing various stripe and belt testing for our juniors and youth. COVID continues to through a lot of people’s training schedules out of whack, and since there were basically no promotions for most of 2020, we are working to get everyone back on track.

There are also a number of junior yellow belts transferring to youth yellow belt. Unfortunately, we had to order new solid yellow belts because all the belts we have are adult sizes. Those should come in next week (12/20).

Monday, 12/20 will be the last class of 2021. We’ll have a couple weeks off and begin the 2022 training season on January 17. The first session remains 7:00-7:30pm. Since we moved the adult classes to Manchester (Wednesday and Friday, 6:00-7:00am @ the Training Station), the second session at 7:30pm is more open-ended and involves more advanced work. It often runs to 8:15pm or so.

Published by Erik

Erik is a pastor in Merrimack, New Hampshire.

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