Jodo in June

During the month of June, the adult class meeting at the Training Station (200 Elm St, Manchester) will be working on ZNKR Jodo. It has been a while since we did these, so we are providing resources for those wishing to train with us.


Kamae (Posture)

Kihon (Solo Exercises)

  1. Honte Uchi (forward hand strike)– natural grip, striking the face from either side.
  2. Gyakute Uchi (reverse hand strike) – inverted grip. Unlike #1, grip does not change in strike.
  3. Hiki Otoshi Uchi (sliding knockdown) – attack an opponent holding a sword in chudan.
  1. Kaeshi Zuki (thrust to solar plexus) – twist hips, thrust using the rear end of the jo
  2. Gyakute Zuki (overhead thrust to solar plexus) – using inverted grip thrust from a high position
  3. Maki Otoshi (sweeping down) – block a strike to the head with a jo angled to protect, sweep sword aside with circular movement
  1. Kuri Tsuke (pinning and trapping) – evade strike by bringing jo up almost parallel to floor; sweep with front end of jo.
  2. Kuri Hanashi (throwing away) – from same evasion of $#7 sweep up and turn to push tachi up and away
  3. Tai Atari (body check) – evade as in #7, sweep up and then thrust forward with the jo perpendicular to the ground. Take another step forward.
  1. Tsuki Hazushi Uchi (thrust block and strike) – with jo held above the head; draw back to receive sword, switch hands, and then strike down
  2. Dou Barai Uchi (block to side of body and strike) – block strike to torso by turning to right, step back, then strike sword down
  3. Tai Hazushi Uchi (retreat and strike forward) – step back as recovering jo, strike overhead.

Seitei Jo (Paired Techniques)

Demonstrations of ZNKR Seitei Jo

Tzuki Zue (Attaching Stick)

  • Evade an attack to the center of your head and strike your opponent’s left forearm.
  • As your opponent retreats, holding the sword in the jodan position, follow with honte uchi to his right forearm.
  • Recover

Suigetsu (Solar Plexus)

  • Evade an attack to the center of your head and thrust at your opponent’s suigetsu.
  • As your opponent retreats, and holds sword at chudan, draw back into hiki otoshi and strike down on sword.
  • Recover

Hissage (Hidden down)

  • Open in hissage to create space.
  • Bring jo forward into gyakute grip to meet opponent’s sword in space.
  • Draw back to hiki otoshi, then strike under opponent’s wrists withwith Kuri Hanashi.

Shamen (Hidden down)

  • Evade attack to head.
  • Cross left hand to assume gyaku grip and then strike from right, rising to hit opponent’s temple.
  • When opponent draws sword to jodan, step forward with Kaeshi Zuki.

Sakan (Energy)

  • Opponent thrusts to solar plexus and jo is brought from ichimonji to deflect.
  • Kuri Hanashi strike to the sword, followed.
  • Opponent retreats, brings sword to hasso and then threatens.
  • Draw back into hiki otoshi, and then strike down on sword.

Monomi (On Guard)

  • Take monomi posture and as opponent strikes to head, draw back and then strike opponent’s forearm with honte uchi.
  • As opponent draws sword to jodan, go to gyaku zuki and strike to solar plexus.

Kasumi (Blinding)

  • Meet opponent at maai with jo in gyaku grip
  • Drive sword down and threaten eyes to cause retreat.
  • When opponent retreats, draw back to hiki otoshi, Then strike upward to attack wrists in kuri tsuke.
  • Drive up and back with tai atari.
  • Opponent retreats, so draw back to hiki otoshi on your left side.
  • Again, attack wrists from below when opponent strikes, using kuri tsuke.
  • Drive opponent back with kaeshi tsuke to solar plexus and threaten.
  • Recover.

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