Our Instructor

Erik DiVietro


3rd Dan, Tomiki Aikido of the Americas
2nd Dan, Tomiki Sport Aikido Association – USA
2nd Dan, Kaze Uta Budo Kai
TAA Certified Instructor under Robert King (Shihan, TAA)

Erik came to martial arts as an adult, training first at Manchester Budo Club and then with numerous teachers throughout the United States. He is a certified instructor with Tomiki Aikido of the Americas (TAA) and sits on the board of directors on the TAA and the Tomiki Sport Aikido Association-USA (TSAA-USA). He has also competed on the national and international level (Worldwide Sport Aikido Federation).

What do you call him?

Most of the students refer to Erik as “Sensei” or “Sensei Erik.” The term sensei (先生) is a Japanese word that is usually translated “teacher” but means something like “the one who went ahead.” It is a term of respect for someone who is further along on a particular journey. A student is gakusei (学生), or “a learner.”

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