Quick Reference

Atemi Waza (5)
Body Strikes

Hiji Waza (5)
Elbow Techniques

Tekubi Waza (4)
Wrist Techniques

Uki Waza (3)
Floating Techniques

Ura Waza (10)
Counter Techniques

Kuzushi Waza (14)
Balance Breaking Techniques

Suwari Waza (4)
Kneeling Techniques


Professor Tomiki believed strongly that a combination of jūdo and kendō principles (genri) were vital to development of practical jūjutsu (what he later called his aikidō). Tegatana dosa is a core piece of kendō principles applied without a blade. Nariyama Shihan later distilled these are the 3 Principles and 6 Concepts. Tegatana Dosa (Drilling) The…

Ura Waza

10 techniques used to counter the first 10 randori techniques.

Uki Waza

3 techniques based on “floating.”

Hiji Waza

Elbow Techniques


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