Study Group Resources

We are excited to get the Manchester study group back up and running. This page serves as a sort of “catch-all” resource for anything we might need.

Time and Location


Parking is on Elm St. Enter through the upstairs door.

Showers are available. Bring your own towel.


Bring the form with you the first time you come, and give it to Erik. We’ll keep them on file. They are a help to the folks at the Training Station. It is important that each member download the waiver form to the right. The front page is a physical waiver and the back is the COVID-19 waiver.

Monthly Payments

We are paying $200 per month for the use of the facility at the Training Station. You can help either by giving Erik a donation or by setting up a recurring payment though Stripe. The recurring monthly payments do incur a fee that is deducted from them when they are processed.

Important documents


17 Randori no Kata

17 Randori no Kata – 5 Atemi Waza
17 Randori no Kata – 4 Tekubi Waza
17 Randori no Kata – 5 Hiji Waza
17 Randori no Kata – 3 Uki Waza

Suwari Waza

Basic Suwari Waza (Shodokan style)

10 Ura Waza

10 Ura Waza – 5 Against Atemi
10 Ura Waza – 5 Against Tekubi Waza

50 Koryu Dai San no Kata

Goshin Ho no Kata

Techniques for 4th Dan
Techniques for 5th Dan
Techniques for 6th Dan

Ben Duggar Sensei (In Memoriam)

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