Koryu Dai Ichi

The six (6) Koryu kata were developed by Hideo Ohba based on his work with Kenji Tomiki and Morihei Ueshiba, particularly based on a manual that Ueshiba published in the 1930’s. They are practiced more commonly in the UK, where Lee Ah Loi, now 8th dan JAA, introduced them to the British Aikido Association (BAA).

Part A: Suwari Waza (5)

1 – Oshi Taoshi
2 – Tentai Oshi Taoshi
3 – Tekubi Osai (Wrist pin)
4 – Ryote Mochi Sumi Otoshi (corner drop from two-hand grab)
5 – Ryote Mochi Kokyu Nage

Part B: Tachi Waza (7)

6 – Katate Mochi Oshi Taoshi
7 – Tentai Oshi Taoshi
8 – Ryote Mochi Tentai Kote Hineri
9 – Tekubi Gime Oshi Taoshi
10 – Ushiro Waza Kote Gaeshi
11 – Ushiro Waza Kote Gaeshi
12 – Ushiro Waza Mae Otoshi

Part C: Tachi Waza (6)

13 – Kata Mochi Shiho Nage
14 – Kata Mochi Hiji Nage
15 – Kata Mochi Senkui Nage
16 – Kata Mochi Tenkai Shiho Nage
17 – Katate Mochi Irimi Nage
18 – Katate Mochi Irimi Nage

Part D: Tachi Waza (6)

19 – Ryote Mochi Tenchi Nage
20 – Ryote Mochi Tekubi Kime
21 – Ryote Mochi Sukashi Nage
22 – Ryote Mochi Shiho Nage
23 – Ryote Mochi Senkui Nage
24 – Ushiro Ryote Mochi Mae Nage

Lee Ah Loi performing the kata in its original form

David Fielding (6th Dan BAA) has performed Koryu Dai Ichi several times for the BAA, and his demonstrations are considered standards.

One of the older videos of the kata, this version features Kinuyo Sakai as tori and Shogo Yamaguchi as uke. It offers multiple angles of each technique, allowing for closer examination.

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