Ura Waza

Counter Techniques

This video features both the seventeen Randori no Kata (Atemi Waza, Hiji Waza, Tekubi Waza, Uki Waza) and the Ura Waza, or counter techniques. Counters use the force of the initial attack to lead the aggressor into a lock or throw. The Ura Waza begins at 3:33

Shomen Ate (1)Waki Gatame (11)
Ai Gamae Ate (2)Kote Mawashi Oshi Taoshi (6)
Gyaku Gamae Ate (3)Gedan Ate (4)
Gedan Ate (4)Ai Gamae Ate (2)
Ushiro Ate (5)Tenkai Kote Hineri (13)
Oshi Taoshi (6)Kote Mawashi Oshi Taoshi (6)
Hiki Taoshi (8)Tenkai Kote Hineri (13)
Kote Gaeshi (12)Kote Gaeshi (12)
Tenkai Kote Hineri (13)Waki Gatame (11)
Tenkai Kote Gaeshi (14)Tenkai Kote Gaeshi (14)

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