Atemi Waza (1-5)

Technique Names

  1. Shomen Ate (Front Strike)
  2. Ai Gamae Ate (Facing Side Strike)
  3. Gyaku Gamae Ate (Mirror Side Strike)
  4. Gedan Ate (Low Strike)
  5. Ushiro Ate (Rear Strike)


Atemi are not really strikes in the sense of punches. They are ways of moving your opponent’s body along their lines of kuzushi. There are two lines of kuzushi.

  • NO LINE: a line drawn directly beneath the center of gravity, halfway between the contact points of the feet. If a person is standing in a neutral stance, with their feet even, the no line would be directly forward and back.
  • TOE LINE: a line drawn from the little toe of one foot through the side of the heel of the other foot. In a neutral stance,


Destabilizing your opponent’s body structure in such a way that he or she is out of balance.

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