Solo Training

Unlike karate, Tomiki Aikido does not have a lot of solo forms. We do have very important solo practices (called tandoku undo). There are two important components.

Unsoku Dosa

Footwork (unsoku dosa) is the most important thing you will learn in aikido. If your feet do not move, you lose.

We move in eight (8) directions in pairs of two: forward/back, left/right, front corners, back corners.

Tegatana Dosa

Handblade exercises (tegatana dosa) help us keep our bodies coordinated and develop good control.

There are ten movements in the tegatana dosa, trained in pairs.

Shikkou (knee walking)

This is probably one of the oddest things you will learn in aikido. It is required because it helps you to learn your center and how to move without a lot of up/down motion.

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