Your Uniform: Dogi (道着)

Why a Uniform?

Most Japanese martial arts have a uniform, called a dogi (道着). It is pronounced like dough + gee. Loosely translated it means, “What you wear to do stuff.”

What is the Uniform?

Generally a dog is white or black and is made up of a pair of pants and an open jacket or shirt. The heavy jacket you will see Sensei wear is a judogi – or judo uniform. The thick fabric is helpful to keep things from tearing.

Belt: Obi (帯)

An obi (帯) is the typical cotton belt worn around the jacket to hold it closed. We use different colors of obi to show how much you have learned. Our juniors (ages 6-9) wear obi with a white stripe. Youth (ages 10-16) wear a solid colored belt like the adults except for our green belts. They have three versions – one with a white stripe, a black stripe and a solid belt. You pronounce it like Oh, Bee!

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